Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Review

After the debacle that was Ulta’s online launch of Zoella Beauty’s new range, Jelly & Gelato, I started to worry I’d never be able to get my hands on these adorable products. Luckily, Feelunique launched the range just as they were supposed to, so I went ahead and ordered from them instead – and ended up saving a bit of money in the process thanks to the current exchange rate. Bonus! Read on for my thoughts on the new products. Spoiler: Gelat’oh my God, gimme more!

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato
The complete Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Range

First off, for those who don’t know, Zoella Beauty is a beauty line by…wait for it…Zoella from YouTube, aka Zoe Sugg. As I write this blog, I’m wearing the coveted Sugg Life pink hoodie, so it’s fair to say I’m a Zoella supporter. That being said, I tend to have higher expectations of people I already support than I do of those I’m indifferent about.

So, high expectations = inevitable disappointment, right? Not in this case.

When I opened the box, I could immediately smell the range’s lovely elderflower and pomegranate scent. At first I was worried the fragrance would be too overpowering for my sensitive nose, but it’s actually the perfect amount of scent, in my opinion.

The packaging itself is the perfect mix of cute and classy, with shades of peach, salmon, yellow, gray-blue, lavender, and ivory, and the pink and blue-green cosmetic bag matches perfectly. They’re the sort of products you’d feel perfectly happy putting on display in your bathroom.

But any cute product is only as good as what’s inside, right? Now for a product-by-product rundown of the range.

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Beauty Bag

Beauty Bag

I love cosmetic bags. Seriously, I have way more than I could ever use at one time, but I still keep buying more. This one might become one of my new favorites. One side is blue-green, the other pink, and it zips closed and can be folded over to secure it magnetically. It’s a pretty decent size, plenty large enough to hold a bunch of products. It feels like nice quality as well, and has the appearance of leather. I can’t say for sure yet since I haven’t spilled anything on it (it’ll happen eventually), but it looks like it could be cleaned with a damp cloth as well. The inside is lined with a satiny pink fabric that matches the outside of the bag. If you’re on the hunt for a new cosmetic bag, this is a fantastic option!

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Gelat'eau Body Mist

Gelat’eau Body Mist

Okay, can we just talk about how cute the name of this body mist is? Gelat’eau?! I love a good play on words – and yes, I did steal the idea for my spoiler at the beginning of this post. I’m not a huge perfume wearer thanks to my sensitive nose, so I typically go for body mists. This one has just strong enough of a scent without being overpowering. Love it!

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Shower Shake

Shower Shake

This product might have the cutest packaging of the entire Jelly & Gelato range. It’s basically begging for selfies of people pretending to drink out of the “straw.” The scent of the Shower Shake is just slightly different from the other products, which I assume is because it’s more moisturizing than the other body wash in the range – the Shower Sauce. It definitely does feel moisturizing while still cleaning very well.

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Gelat'eau Body Mist

Shower Sauce

This is the other body wash in the Jelly & Gelato range. It has the same scent as the other products and the consistency reminds me of actual jelly. It’s a transparent dark pinkish color that lathers nicely, and it cleaned my skin well without drying it out. Between the two body washes, I think I prefer this one, but only slightly.

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Cream Scrub

Cream Scrub

I love this body scrub. Immediately after using it, I could feel a noticeable difference in the smoothness of my skin. It smells great, didn’t dry out my skin, and did exactly as promised without over-exfoliating. Some scrubs can be a little too harsh, but this one provides the perfect amount of exfoliation.

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Body Pudding

Body Pudding

I was so surprised to open up this body lotion to see little red beads in it. I was even more surprised when they immediately disappeared into my skin during application. This body lotion didn’t leave me feeling sticky, nor did I have to wait forever for it to soak in. I absolutely loved it! Moisture + yummy smell = perfection!

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Pink Bath Wafers

Pink Bath Wafers

I know Zoella Beauty’s previous bath fizzers have gotten mixed reviews, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from these. I’ve used the bath fizzers from the original range and really liked them, even though they did take a little while to fully dissolve and weren’t explosively fizzy. Though, in my opinion, if you want something explosively fizzy, a bath bomb is typically a better option anyway. Fizz = bubbles, and the previous bath fizzers produced just that. Anyway, onto these Jelly & Gelato bath fizzers. There are two in each package, which is fewer than I expected, but at such a low price, it still feels like a good deal. They also dissolve a lot faster and easier and with slightly more fizz, so there shouldn’t be any complaints about having to crumble them yourself. They’re also super moisturizing and turn the bath a gorgeous light pink color without making it opaque. I absolutely loved them. One warning: they’ll make your bathtub slippery, so be careful!

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Bath Frosting

Bath Frosting

The container of this product has four pouches of the Bath Frosting inside, one for each bath. After pouring it under running water and swirling the water around, the water turns a milky white (not in a gross way!), and a few bubbles form as well but dissolve relatively quickly. I love that it doesn’t make the tub quite as slippery as the Bath Wafers do, yet it’s still moisturizing and feels like such a treat. The only downside is it does leave a bit of powdery residue after draining the bath, but it’s easy to rinse it out afterwards, and totally worth doing so.

Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato

It’s so difficult to choose my favorites from these products, because I genuinely love them all. But if forced to choose just a few, my personal must-haves are the Beauty Bag, Cream Scrub, Bath Frosting, and Body Pudding. I’ll definitely be restocking when I run out of each product, and I’ve already recommended them to friends and family. I think the products would make great gifts as well, especially at such affordable prices.

I love, love, love the Jelly & Gelato range. Be sure to try it out! Zoella Beauty’s Jelly & Gelato range can be found at:

  • USA – Ulta Beauty (online only)
  • UK – Feelunique (online) and Superdrug (online & in store)
  • Canada – London Drugs (online & in store)
  • Australia – Target (in store)
  • Germany – Rossmann (online & in store)
  • Norway – Vita (online & in store)
  • Ireland – Independent Pharmacies




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  1. These have to be some of the prettiest pictures I’ve seen of her new products so far! Such lovely photography and ideas. Also I love this range a lot (sweet inspirations will always be top) but this is gorgeous in packaging and smell! Love your review x

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I hoped the pictures would look pretty, because the products totally deserve nice photos. I haven’t gotten any of the Sweet Inspirations range yet but was actually planning to today. It’s good to know that it’s a great one! Thanks again! xx

  2. Hi,
    We don’t have that brand over here in France. But I love the colors and the style of the packaging ! Thanks for the discover !

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