Snow’ella by Zoella Beauty Haul

What do you get when you add together winter/Christmas, one of my favorite YouTubers, and said YouTuber’s beauty brand? The Zoella Beauty holiday gifting range, aka Snow’ella! Spoiler alert: this might just be my favorite Zoella Beauty scent ever! Keep reading to see what I got!

As was the case with the Jelly & Gelato range, I ordered these products from Feelunique. Sadly, there are still a few items they aren’t selling (fingers crossed they’re added later!), and because no other site carrying those items delivers to America, I wasn’t able to get the complete range. I did, however, manage to snag most of it, and I absolutely love it!

Here are the items I got and a few quick thoughts on each:

Zoella Beauty Brew Me a Bath Gift Set

Brew Me a Bath Gift Set

The Jelly & Gelato bath milk powder was one of my favorites from that range, so I was so excited to see some in the Snow’ella scent called Splash of Milk. It’s just as lovely and makes a nice amount of bubbles. The Brew Me a Bath tea bags are so cute as well! They’re filled with pink powder that dissolves in the tub, and the tag on each one has a little ‘Z’ on it. Definitely a winner!

Zoella Beauty We're on a Roll Rollerballs

We’re On a Roll Gift Set

Yay, yay, yay! I really like rollerballs, because they’re so portable and give a bit more control over how much product you’re using. This set includes Snow’ella, Blissful Mistful, and Gelat’eau, which are some of my faves!

Zoella Beauty Spa'rry Spa'rry Night Gift Set

Spa’rry Spa’rry Night Gift Set

I love the body polish from the core range and the Jelly & Gelato range, but always worry I’ll get too much water in the tubs when using it. When I saw that this one – called Snow Polished – came in a tube instead, I was so excited. It’s a great consistency and definitely does exfoliate! Careful not to scrub too hard, though – it’s a bit more exfoliating than the other scrubs I mentioned. After finding that out the hard way and being left with a few red splotches on my arms (didn’t happen again, so it wasn’t an allergic reaction or anything), the Snow Smooth body butter came to my rescue! It’s nice and thick, and doesn’t sting or feel sticky. Both of these products are wonderful!

Zoella Beauty You're Cracking Bathing Essentials Gift Set

You’re Cracking Bathing Essentials Gift Set

When I ordered this, I thought it was going to be really small with tiny little products. To my pleasant surprise, it was actually quite large with nicely sized products! It comes with Winter Wonderhand Hand Cream, Snow Fresh Body Wash, and Snow Silky Body Lotion. I’ve been using the hand cream a ton, the body wash every time I take a bath or shower, and the body lotion any time I’m feeling a bit dry. The lotion isn’t sticky and it soaks in quickly without leaving a film on my skin. I’m loving the refreshing feel of the body wash as well. As for the hand cream…

Zoella Beauty Winter Wonderhand Hand Cream

Winter Wonderhand Hand Cream

I love this stuff. It also soaks in quickly, and the scent isn’t so overwhelming that you feel like you can’t get your hands anywhere near your face. It’s very moisturizing as well. My hands sometimes get very dry and cracked, and while many lotions can make them sting, this one doesn’t at all. I have one tube of this on my bedside table, another in my bathroom, and another for backup. So, yeah, safe to say it’s winter wonderful! Sorry, all of the puns in the product names has me feeling a bit punny myself.

Zoella Beauty All Four You Mini Mists

All Four You Mini Mists

I already have and love the mini mists of Blissful Mistful, Sweet Inspirations, and Let’s Spritz, and I wasn’t going to pass up getting some more in other scents! This comes with Snow’ella (of course), Bake My Day, Gelat’eau, and Blissful Mistful. By the time I opened these, the only scent I hadn’t smelled was Bake My Day, which was last year’s holiday scent. It’s so delish! I wish I had gotten some of the products from that range, but this is enough to keep me happy.

Zoella Beauty Snow Balmy Lip Balms

Snow Balmy Lip Balms

These are so cute and the perfect size to toss in your bag. The set includes two star-shaped tins of balm, one called Snow Soft and the other called Snow Sparkle. Snow Soft is more of a moisturizing balm, as the name suggests, while Snow Sparkle is a bit more…yup, sparkly! They’re so yummy!

Zoella Beauty Merry and Bright Bubble Bath

Merry and Bright Luxury Soak Bubble Bath

If I could only choose one product from this range to keep out on display, it would be this. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous! I ordered one for my mom and the ball on top was broken off, but a little superglue fixed that. It’s a little tough to open at times, especially when you’re afraid of the ball snapping off, but it’s worth the effort. This might be my favorite item from the range!

Zoella Beauty Dreaming of a Bath Filled with Bubbles Gift Set

I’m Dreaming of a Bath Filled with Bubbles Gift Set

If you ask me, this is the cutest gift set in the range. It comes with Snow Bubbly Bubble Bath, Snow Silky Body Lotion, a super soft white headband with a bow, and pink exfoliating gloves. The bubble bath seems slightly different than the Merry and Bright one, but it’s still great. And again, I love the body lotion as well. The headband is so nice and adorable, though a little tight on my head. The exfoliating gloves are great, and if you love light pink as much as I do, you’ll love the gloves, too!

Zoella Beauty Snow'ella Body Mist

Snow’ella Body Mist (100ml)

This is another item totally worthy of displaying. The little pom pom is so cute, and the bottle design is beautiful. It’s a great size, too, and will definitely last a long time. Good thing, too, since I’ve been using it a ton!

Zoella Beauty Snow'ella Fragrance Set

Snow’ella Fragrance Gift Set

This set comes with Snow Silky Body Lotion, which you already know I love, and it also comes with a medium size of the body mist. It would make such a great gift!

Zoella Beauty Winter Soiree Gift Set

A Winter Soirée Gift Set

Um…you guys. I love this so much! I’ve already gotten a lot of use out of the gray pouch that says “all is bright” on it. It feels like high quality wool fabric, and the contrasting pink zipper fabric adds a cute touch. The mini Winter Wonderhand is perfect to toss in your bag for on-the-go moisturizing, and the Snow’ella Rollerball is lovely as well!

Zoella Beauty Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers

Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers

Like other Zoella bath fizzers, these are definitely more “fizzy” than “bomb-y,” so if you’re looking for a bath fizzy that’s really going to make a lot of noise, this might not do the trick. Personally, I like bath bombs a lot, but calmer bath fizzers are some of my faves, too. These are much larger than I expected, which made me love them even more. And with the adorable design and a bit of glitter, they’re another favorite of mine, for sure!

There isn’t a single product in this range that I don’t love, which is pretty amazing, and I think any item would make a great gift, whether it’s an actual gift set or an individual product. The scent is so lovely and fresh, and there’s a wide range of products to suit everyone’s preferences. I can’t recommend them enough! Definitely check them out at Feelunique or Superdrug!

And if you’re lucky enough to live in the UK or somewhere Boots delivers, check out the Zoella Lifestyle gifting range as well! I’ll have to live vicariously through those of you who are able to get those products!

Are there any Snow’ella items you’re loving or wanting to try out? Let me know in the comments!


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