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Hi everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 5! Every year there are certain things I absolutely have to do to make Christmastime feel complete – plus a lot of things I wish I could do. I’ve been thinking about those things lately and thought I’d share my 2017 Christmas Bucket List. Keep reading to see what I’m hoping to do. Maybe it’ll give you a few ideas of things you could do, too!

  1. Take lots of photos – This Christmas will be the first one my niece has experienced since she started walking and talking. I just saw a video of her seeing her Christmas tree light up for the first time, and it was so magical it made me want to cry. I always love taking pictures around Christmastime, but since I’ll be spending Christmas at my sister’s house, I want to take a ton of photos to capture my niece’s adorable reactions.
  2. Bake lots of sweets and decorate Christmas cookies – No Christmas feels complete without iced sugar cookies, festive snickerdoodles, gingerbread, and other treats, so those are definitely on my must-list!
  3. Take a drive around town to look at Christmas lights – This was something my family always did when I was a kid growing up in Connecticut. Now I live in Seattle where people aren’t nearly as festive, so I can’t wait to see everyone’s decorations when I go back to Connecticut to see my sister and niece.
  4. Do Christmas crafts – Another thing I love to do at Christmastime is all sorts of crafts, whether it’s making Christmas cards, decorating cardboard houses, making ornaments, or putting together some homemade Christmas crackers. I can’t wait to do all of that and more this year.
  5. Take a walk in the snow – It’s not always snowy in Connecticut on Christmas, but I’m hoping it’ll snow at some point while I’m there. Few things are as magical as taking a stroll down freshly-blanketed streets!
  6. Have a family Christmas party – Without some festive games, yummy snacks, a bit of wine or champagne, and loads of decorations, Christmas just isn’t complete. Massive Christmas blowouts aren’t really my thing (I’m an introvert, so the exhaustion that comes with big parties is, well, exhausting), but some fun, cheery, low-key festivities are always a win in my book.
  7. Drink hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies – Does this need an explanation? You really can’t go wrong with having a hot drink, snuggling up on the couch, and watching classic flicks.
  8. Wait until Christmas Eve to watch A Christmas Story – The only movie I don’t let myself watch until a certain day is A Christmas Story, and that’s because of the 24-hour marathon of it starting on Christmas Eve night. If I watch it before then, it doesn’t feel quite like Christmas Eve. And I love the feeling I get on Christmas Eve, so I’ll definitely be waiting again this year.
  9. Brave the holiday shopping crowds – Crowded stores aren’t my favorite, but I think it’s sort of a tradition to brave the mobs of shoppers, even for just a few minutes. Nothing says “It’s nearly Christmas” like jam-packed stores, right?!
  10. Decorate gingerbread houses – I love decorating gingerbread houses, so this is another must for me. I can’t wait to make a little gingerbread village!
  11. Take the train to New York to see the city’s decor – This one isn’t likely to happen, but it’s been years since I’ve been in NYC at Christmastime. Growing up in the northeast meant it was pretty easy to see all the festive decor each year. I miss seeing the huge tree at Rockefeller Center, the giant ornament statues on the streets, and tons of Christmas lights. New York feels so magical at Christmastime, and I would love to experience it again this year!

Those are the main things on my 2017 Christmas Bucket List. Some are easier to check off than others, but I’ll definitely try my best to get most (or all!) of them done.

What’s on your Christmas bucket list this year? Let me know in the comments!

Merry Blogmas!


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