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Hi guys! I don’t think I’m alone in saying that opening up the gifts in my stocking is one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. No matter how silly the stuff is (seriously, dollar store gifts are some of my faves), it’s always fun to see what my parents picked out. So, seeing as I love stocking stuffers, I thought I’d share some of my faves. Whether you’re shopping for family or friends, there’s a little something for everyone! Keep reading for some ideas!

For a member of the Beyhive: Beyonce Graphica Book ($32 at ASOS)

beyoncegraphica a graphic biography of beyonce by chris roberts

For the Bambi lover: Bambi Body Gift Bag Set ($17.50 at ASOS)

bambi body gift bag set asos

For the one who loves festive nail art: House of Holland x Elegant Touch Stiletto False Nails in Golden Baubles ($16 at ASOS)

House of Holland x Elegant Touch Stiletto False Nails - Golden Baubles

For the dog lover: Paladone Pug Tape Measure ($9.50 at ASOS)

paladone pug tape measure

For the one who loves reindeer: Pretty Animalz Reindeer Sheet Mask ($6.50 at ASOS)

pretty animalz reindeer sheet mask by masquebar

For the one who takes luxurious baths: Lush Christmas Bath Products ($20 or less)

lush christmas 2017

For the one who sees the beauty in the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree: Charlie Brown Christmas: A Book-and-Tree Mini Kit ($9.95 at Barnes & Noble)

a charlie brown christmas book and tree mini kit

For the triple dog darers: A Christmas Story: Triple Dog Dare Mini Kit ($9.95 at Barnes & Noble)

a christmas story triple dog dare mini kit

For the one who loves scrunchies and tinsel: Tinseled Tweed Pony Holder Set ($15 from Anthropologie)

tinseled tweed pony holder set anthropologie

For the adventurer: Serenflipity Everyday Adventure Cards ($12.95 at Anthropologie)

serenflipity everyday adventure cards anthropologie

For the beauty tool experimenter: Tweezerman Folding Lashcomb ($12 at Anthropologie)

tweezerman folding lashcomb anthropologie

For the one going through a tough time: Guardian Angel Doll ($26 at Anthropologie)

guardian angel doll anthropologie

For the one obsessed with all things pumpkin spice: Autumn Travel Mug in Pumpkin Spice ($18 at Anthropologie)

pumpkin spice everything autumn travel mug anthropologie

For the one who gets stuff done (or needs to): Productivity Planner ($24.95 at Anthropologie)

productivity planner anthropologie

For the one who loves miniature things: Mini & Merry Lip Balm ($12 at Anthropologie)

mini and merry lip balm illume anthropologie

For the one who needs a pick-me-up: Compliment Pencil Pack ($10 at Urban Outfitters)

bando compliment pencil pack urban outfitters

For the Smith’s Rose Bud lovers: Smith’s Rose Bud Tin Set ($16 at Urban Outfitters)

smiths rose bud salve tin set urban outfitters

For the Polaroid photographer: Mini Patterned Polaroid Photo Album ($12 at Urban Outfitters)

mini patterned polaroid photo album urban outfitters

For the one who never lets go of their phone: Game of Phones Card Game ($19.99 at Target)

game of phones card game target

For the Real Techniques fanatics: Real Techniques Mini Expert Face Brush Ornament ($5.99 at Ulta)

real techniques mini expert face brush ornament

For the dry shampoo-aholic: Batiste Dry Shampoo Holiday Trio Pack ($9.99 at Ulta)

batiste dry shampoo holiday trio pack

For the Zoella fan: Zoella Snow’ella A Winter Soirée Gift Set (£12 at Feelunique)

zoella snowella a winter soiree gift set

For the bookworm: Mini Library Scented Tea Lights ($15 at UncommonGoods)

mini library scented tea lights uncommongoods

For the U.S. trivia buff: Word Teasers – American Trivia ($15 at UncommonGoods)

word teasers american trivia uncommongoods

For the Christmas tree lovers: Christmas Tree-to-Be ($10 at UncommonGoods)

christmas tree to be uncommon goods

I hope this gave you a little bit of stocking stuffer inspiration! What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers to give or receive? Let me know in the comments!

Merry Blogmas!


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