My Family Christmas Traditions | Blogmas Day 9

Hello again! For today’s Blogmas post, I wanted to get a little more personal and share some of my family Christmas traditions from over the years. For me, it’ll give me a nice nostalgic feeling, and for you, I hope it’ll give you some ideas of new traditions to have with your family!


One of my favorite traditions is something my family calls “Wishes.” Each night of the three days leading up to Christmas, we would write out a “wish” we had for each person. I put “wish” in quotes because while they sometimes are actual wishes, like for the person to have a great year, other times the “wishes” are just sweet notes. As kids, my siblings and I would often have our wishes be hand-drawn connect-the-dot pictures, “coupons” for things like hugs, and other silly things. As we got older, they turned into more of the wishes and sweet notes sort of thing.

On each night, we would put all of that night’s wishes in a bag labeled “Wishes” and whatever year it was, turn off all the lights, light a few candles, and pass the bag around as we each took one wish out and either read it to ourselves if it was for us, or handed it to the other person it was for. After the three nights (the last night being Christmas Eve), we would put all three days worth of wishes back in the bag and save them to look at years later.

I love this tradition because it’s a really nice way to let your loved ones know how much you care about them, or to make them laugh if you go for more of a silly “wish.”

Christmas Eve Pajamas

After night three of Wishes, my siblings and I would each be given a new set of pajamas and slippers so we would be nice and cozy on Christmas morning. As a kid, these were often matching or coordinated in some way, but now that we’re older, they’re usually the kind of pajamas we each like to wear to bed anyway. For me, that’s an oversized shirt, pajama pants, and cozy slippers, plus a zip-up hoodie.

This is such a simple tradition, but I look forward to it so much. Having a new pair of PJs really makes it feel like Christmas is coming!

Christmas Eve Gift

After our pajamas, my parents give my siblings and me one present each. It’s always something small and simple, but always something from the two of them (Christmas Day always had a mix of presents from our parents and from Santa). My family used to do this every year, but now that my siblings and I are older, it’s not always a must. But with my niece getting old enough to start loving and remembering Christmas, I have a feeling this tradition will make its return, even if it’s just for her!

Giant Stockings

This wasn’t always one of my family’s traditions, but it’s become one of my favorites, and the tradition that I don’t think will ever go away. Years ago, my mom sewed a giant stocking for me, my brother, and my sister, and used fabric at the top that was printed with scans of the Wishes we received as kids. I love rereading them every year and laughing at the silly drawings and notes we made for each other. Now that we’re older, most of our presents get put into our stockings, each individually wrapped by our mom (seriously, she’s a saint, and I have no idea how she gets it all done every year!). My niece gets to join in on the stocking tradition this year, which makes me so happy!

So, those are my family’s main Christmas traditions, and I absolutely love them. I don’t think Christmas would be complete without them! I’d love to hear some of your traditions as well, so feel free to share them in the comments!

Merry Blogmas!


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  1. Aww these are soo cute! I love the tradition of Christmas eve PJs. One of my favourite Christmas traditions is getting all dressed up and fancy for Christmas day. Great post
    X Emma

    1. Thanks so much! Aw I love that tradition! I don’t usually get dressed up on Christmas Day, but think it sounds so fun. Maybe I’ll try it this year! xx

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