How to Get Through the Holidays with the Flu or a Cold | Blogmas Day 11

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry this is getting posted so late today! I’m trying to fight off the flu, which has kept me from doing basically anything. Since I’m not feeling great, I thought I’d share a few of my tips for getting through the holidays with the flu, a cold, or other illnesses. Read on if you’re interested!

  • Don’t get sick – This is the obvious one, right? I thought I’d be fine without a flu shot this year, especially because I’ve never had the legit flu in my life. Instead, I had a rude awakening (literally, I woke up with a fever) and ended up with the flu that kept me from going on a trip to Disney World that I’ve had planned for over a year. Sad times, guys! So basically, get your flu shot, take care of yourself, use some Zicam nose swabs and Airborne or Emergen-C, wash your hands, and stay clear of anyone who seems ill.
  • If you catch a cold, keep using Zicam, Airborne, Emergen-C, and other similar products – These won’t cure your cold, of course, but they usually help shorten them a little, or make the symptoms less intense.
  • If you have the flu, get Tamiflu within 48 hours – I called Teladoc to get this since I couldn’t really even get out of bed to go to the doctor, but getting Tamiflu is key. Granted, it only shortens your flu by a day, but when you have the flu, that day will feel like an eternity. I’m hoping that day comes soon for me!
  • Take some medicine – My go-to for colds (and now the flu) for the past year or two has been DayQuil Cold & Flu Severe tablets. They’re small enough for people who aren’t great at taking pills, like myself, and they really work. If your nose is especially clogged, full-strength Sudafed (the kind you have to get from the pharmacist) is the way to go, but don’t mix it with any medicine that has phenylephrine. I know not everyone is a believer in taking medicine, but I know that for me personally, my body has an easier time healing when I’m not suffering through my symptoms at their strongest.
  • Drink, drink, drink – No, not alcohol, but lots of fluids. I’m terrible at staying hydrated, but try so hard to do so when I’m sick. I don’t know the science of it, I just know that it really does help.
  • Get lots of rest – This is hard for a lot of people, and even I’m guilty of not fully resting, but it’s so important to sit back and let your body do its thing. And if you have to sleep, sleep! It’ll keep your mind off your symptoms, obviously, and it’ll help you get better faster.
  • If you’re sick on or around Christmas Day, take it easy – I know this feeling well. When I was a kid, I had a cold almost every single Christmas, and I’ve had my fair share of Christmas colds as an adult as well. Obviously you shouldn’t miss out on Christmas, but try to take it easy, curl up on the couch, and be as present as possible without going too crazy and making yourself sicker. I think Christmas adrenaline helps you get through it, too.
  • Be honest with your family and friends – If you’re feeling really sick but your family or friends are expecting you to go to a party or out to eat or something, be honest. They’ll be a lot happier knowing you’re taking care of yourself and not spreading your germs to them rather than the other way around.
  • If you can’t go out and do fun Christmasy things with your loved ones, take it indoors – Curl up on the couch with a nice cup of hot tea or some other drink, and watch your favorite Christmas movies. To make this even better, cozier, and more fun, turn your Christmas tree lights on and the lights in the room off. You’re sure to feel lots of Christmas cheer that way! Or at least as much Christmas cheer as someone with a cold or the flu can feel.
  • Take your mind off it – If you’re anything like me, you need to distract yourself from being sick in order to get better. But that’s a lot easier said than done when you have to rest, right? I like to keep my mind occupied by watching movies, coloring, reading, doing puzzles, and other low-key activities. A nice hot bath helps me a lot, too! And I can’t recommend the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries enough. I mean, you can’t be totally miserable with 24/7 Christmas movies.

I hope some of these help, even though all or most of them are probably pretty obvious. But remember, if you’re ill during the holidays, you’re not alone, and I hope you feel better!

Merry Blogmas! Take care of yourselves!


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