Saturday Skin Influenster VoxBox Review

Hi everyone! I’ve been wanting to try Saturday Skin products for a while, so I was ecstatic when I found out that I was going to receive a Saturday Skin VoxBox from Influenster, totally free, to test and review. I’ve been trying the products for a few days now and am so excited to share my thoughts with you! Keep reading to see what I received and which products were my faves.


Disclaimer: I received all products featured in this post for free from Influenster for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own, whether positive or negative.

First off, if you’re wondering what Influenster is or how you can receive a VoxBox from them in the future, definitely check out their website, which has all the info you need. You can join Influenster by clicking here (this is my referral link, which gives me 5 “impact points” for the first 20 people I refer). Influenster also has lots of helpful posts about how to increase your chances of receiving a VoxBox, so definitely check those out!

Now, on to the Saturday Skin VoxBox!

The Products


Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel ($28 for 2.53 oz/75 mL at Sephora)

This peel gel is a new product from Saturday Skin, and was the main focus of the VoxBox. It gently exfoliates with natural cellulose, papaya, and pineapple enzymes, and takes only one minute. I really loved this peel gel. It’s easy to use, and a little product goes a long way. The first time I tried it, I used a bit too much, which made my cheeks get a little red. But once I figured that out, it was smooth sailing. Emphasis on “smooth!” Honestly, I don’t know if my skin has ever felt as smooth and soft as it did after using this. I would suggest using it at night just in case it makes your cheeks flush like it did for me. By morning, the redness was gone and my skin was glowing. And as a bonus: the gel itself smells great!


Rise + Shine Gentle Cleanser ($26 for 4.05 oz/120 mL at Sephora)

I’m always hesitant to try new cleansers. Give me a mask, a peel, a moisturizer, a serum, a toner – you get the point – and I’ll try it in a heartbeat. But I always get nervous that a new cleanser will make my skin break out and I’ll be left trying to fix it. But I’ve heard great things about this cleanser, so I took a leap of faith and gave it a shot. It’s now my go-to cleanser! It has a soft, whipped, bouncy, and creamy texture, and also adds a little hydration to your skin. I like my cleansers to feel like they actually cleaned my skin. Surprise, surprise, right? Well, this cleanser leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean, fresh, and glowy, but doesn’t dry it out at all. I find it to be super balancing, as it hydrates my dry cheeks and reduces excess oil in my t-zone. It’s absolutely amazing, and one of my favorite products I received!


Quench Intense Hydration Mask ($6 for 1 mask/$30 for 5 masks at Sephora)

This sheet mask is filled with saccharomyces ferment, aloe, and watermelon extracts, plus hyaluronic acid. Most sheet masks I’ve tried come with either plastic or papery protective sheets, but this mask is unique in that its protective sheets are made of mesh. I found that this made it way easier to apply, and oddly more fun! I do struggle with sheet masks sometimes because they end up getting in my hair or having a weird fit, but I actually liked this one a lot. It definitely hydrated my skin, too, and any time a product delivers on its promise, I’m happy! This wasn’t my favorite product in the box, simply because I don’t always use sheet masks, but I would still repurchase it.


Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream ($49 for 1.69 oz/50 mL at Sephora)

This avocado protein-filled moisturizer might be my favorite product from the box. I use it morning and night, and find it to be super lightweight but still extremely moisturizing. It also seals in moisture incredibly well. It has a unique pump system (similar to Drunk Elephant’s Protini moisturizer, if you’ve used that), and the product comes out in what almost looks like a flower shape. It’s a creamy dream, and you don’t need much product to get your whole face feeling silky soft. I find it can feel a little sticky if I put on too much, but I don’t mind it at all. It’s worth it to feel like my skin is nice and moisturized! It’s a bit pricier than the other items in the box, but I think it would be money well spent, and I’ll definitely be buying more when I run out.



So, as you can tell, I loved the products I received in this VoxBox! They all worked really well and did what they’re meant to do. After just a few days, my skin is feeling softer and healthier with more of a glow. I genuinely think so many people would love these products. They’ve worked wonders for my sensitive combination skin!

Thank you so much to Influenster and Saturday Skin for these free goodies! I loved trying them out and can’t wait to keep using them.

Have you tried any Saturday Skin products? I’d love to hear about your faves in the comments!



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