A Quick Blogmas Note

Hi everyone! Here I was, so ready and excited for Blogmas, with a notebook full of post ideas. Then the flu hit, which I mentioned in one of my last Blogmas posts. After that came traveling to Connecticut where, after the flu started to pass, I caught my niece’s cold and have been a stuffed up mess ever since. So between visiting with family and being ill, I had to put Blogmas aside and take it as a sign from my body that I need to take care of myself and get healthier. But you better believe that next year I’ll be ready for Blogmas from beginning to end! I’ll try to post again before the New Year, but if that doesn’t happen, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours, and Happy New Year!

Talk to you all soon!



My Winter Nightly Routine | Blogmas Day 12

Hi everyone! Time for another late Blogmas post – packing for a trip while fighting off the flu is no fun at all, you guys. For today’s post, I wanted to share my winter nightly routine. There’s something extra cozy about some nighttime pampering when it’s cold out, I think! Keep reading to see what my nights consist of. Continue reading “My Winter Nightly Routine | Blogmas Day 12”

How to Get Through the Holidays with the Flu or a Cold | Blogmas Day 11

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry this is getting posted so late today! I’m trying to fight off the flu, which has kept me from doing basically anything. Since I’m not feeling great, I thought I’d share a few of my tips for getting through the holidays with the flu, a cold, or other illnesses. Read on if you’re interested! Continue reading “How to Get Through the Holidays with the Flu or a Cold | Blogmas Day 11”

Festive Christmas Sweaters | Blogmas Day 10

Hi guys! Every year, I love seeing what Christmas sweaters are available at different stores. Whether they’re ugly and tacky, subtle and classy, or somewhere in between, Christmas sweaters make me feel so…well, Christmasy! If you’re anything like me and enjoy wearing or even just looking at Christmas sweaters, keep reading! Continue reading “Festive Christmas Sweaters | Blogmas Day 10”

My Family Christmas Traditions | Blogmas Day 9

Hello again! For today’s Blogmas post, I wanted to get a little more personal and share some of my family Christmas traditions from over the years. For me, it’ll give me a nice nostalgic feeling, and for you, I hope it’ll give you some ideas of new traditions to have with your family! Continue reading “My Family Christmas Traditions | Blogmas Day 9”

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers | Blogmas Day 8

Hi guys! I don’t think I’m alone in saying that opening up the gifts in my stocking is one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. No matter how silly the stuff is (seriously, dollar store gifts are some of my faves), it’s always fun to see what my parents picked out. So, seeing as I love stocking stuffers, I thought I’d share some of my faves. Whether you’re shopping for family or friends, there’s a little something for everyone! Keep reading for some ideas! Continue reading “Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers | Blogmas Day 8”

Christmas Playlist | Blogmas Day 7

Hi everyone! I have a confession: I’m one of those people who starts listening to Christmas music around November 1st…or sometimes a little earlier. So I wanted to share some of the songs that I always have on my Christmas playlist. I think these songs are great to play any time during the Christmas season, but they’re also great to have playing during Christmas morning! Keep reading to see my picks. Continue reading “Christmas Playlist | Blogmas Day 7”

5 Christmas Movies You Might Have Forgotten About | Blogmas Day 3

Welcome back to Blogmas! I think it’s safe to say most people who celebrate Christmas enjoy watching Christmas movies, right? No Christmas season is complete without Home Alone, A Christmas Story, Elf, Jingle All the Way, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated and live action), A Charlie Brown Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, and many more. But there are always a few that I don’t notice people mentioning as much. If you’re looking for something else to watch that you might have forgotten about, read on. Continue reading “5 Christmas Movies You Might Have Forgotten About | Blogmas Day 3”

Photography Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 1

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be taking part in Blogmas this year. Fingers crossed I don’t miss any days! To start, I wanted to share a few gift ideas for the photographers in your life. These items range in price and cover everything from gear to classes. Read on! Continue reading “Photography Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 1”